TikTok for Museums : Tips and tricks

My TikTok Experience

#FoodWeHate challenge on TikTok

Why Using TikTok?

What Type of Content to Publish?

  • A video needs to be no more than 60 seconds. You have videos that are 5 minutes long or more? You have a series of images that tell a story? Create short videos with it that will have a impact in just a few seconds.
  • Your video should impact the viewer in 3 seconds. After, the viewer might zap. Think about what the viewer sees first.

Tips and Tricks to Create Great TikTok Content

  • Use trending sounds. On TikTok, you can see which sounds are trending in your country. Use them to create your content.
  • Use trending effects. Same as for the sounds, using trending effects will help with TikTok algorithm.
  • Use the text tool. Write text on your videos. It will help the viewer get your message right away.
  • Participate in challenges on the discover page. It will help you get noticed and you will have fun doing so!
  • When something works, use it again. If you have one video that gets noticed, gets more views and likes than the others, re-use the concept (but make minor changes to it so it’s not the same!).

Examples of inspiring museum accounts



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Maxime Laprade

Maxime Laprade


Digital Engagement Consultant helping cultural institutions meeting their communities online and developing innovative digital projects.